Cool AI Hackathons that you should not leave at any cost!

Psst, they are already around the corner! Don’t miss them…

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1. #BuildWithAI Hack 2021

Get some hands on experience building ML applications to solve real world solutions. The 2nd annual #BuildwithAI 2021 Hackathon is the best place to meet awesome new team members, and mentors to work together, test your skills and deliver meaningful impacts.

The competition will run from 29 October to 2 November, with project showcase and panel discussions running until 5 November.

[1] You can participate as a participant or mentor. for further details please visit:

2. Hackathon Hackathon for Sustainable and Affordable Energy aims to tackle climate change using AI. Shell is exploring new opportunities to provide more low-carbon energy such as biofuels, hydrogen, charging for electric vehicles and electricity generated by solar and wind power. To achieve this Shell, NVIDIA and Microsoft, with support from SINE (IIT Bombay) and NIRMAAN (IIT Madras), are launching AI Solar Power Prediction Challenge that will focus on AI for predicting solar power output using historical sky camera images and weather data. The winners of the hackathon will be awarded with either monetary prizes or funding to further develop their Proof of Concept.

[2] For more details, visit :

3. PyTorch Annual Hackathon 2021

The PyTorch Annual Hackathon is happening with all new opportunities for you to get started or continue learning about PyTorch. Join it to build innovative and impactful models, applications, and other projects that use AI responsibly.

There are three categories for the final solutions:

  1. PyTorch Responsible AI Development Tools & Libraries
  2. Web and Mobile Applications powered by PyTorch
  3. PyTorch Developer Tools & Libraries

[3] Prizes of worth $39,000 will be distributed among winners. For more information please visit:

4. GitLab Hackathon

The Hackathon is a virtual event open to anyone who is interested in contributing code, documentation, translations, UX designs and more to GitLab.

Prizes are awarded to participants for having Merge Requests (MRs) merged that contribute to the issues/epics linked here.

By participating in GitLab’s Hackathon, you have the opportunity to work on issues that matter to you and advance your skills/experience while joining a global, diverse and inclusive team of contributors and GitLab team members.

[4] For more details please visit here:

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Muhammad Ali is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Europe’s largest Entrepreneurship Center, the Digital Product School, Germany. He loves to learn, teach and write about data science and machine learning real-world applications and projects. His primary hobby is to play with cool opensource tools and use them to solve real-world problems. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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[2] HackerEarth Hackathon (2021)
[3] DevPost PyTorch Annual Hackathon 2021 (2021)
[4] GitLab GitLab Hackathon (2021)

Muhammad Ali is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Digital Product School. He loves to learn, teach and write about real-world data science applications.